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There’s a silent enemy trying to rob you of achieving financial freedom.

That invisible enemy is time. Tiktok is more than a video app, tick tock is the sound of time marching on with every passing second.

You have 8, maybe 10 hours a day to generate income.

What if you had 1000’s of hours a day in income producing time? Rich people know to leverage other people’s time, money, and efforts to build wealth.

That’s where Bitcoin Rewards comes in.

You can leverage the time and effort of 100’s, even 1000’s of people allowing you to earn Bitcoin from the time and efforts from others.

Think of Bitcoin Rewards as having your own community inside of the main community, that affords you the ability to have unlimited amounts of Bitcoin sent to your wallet 7 days a week.

You get Bitcoin Rewards in 2 powerful ways.

First is our Infinite Pay Lines. You can have 5, 50, 100 or more infinite pay lines overtime.

Pay lines pay $30.00 and $100.00 in Bitcoin, depending on membership purchased. You’re paid unlimited levels deep with no cap on your daily Bitcoin income potential.

Second is our 5-Generation Bitcoin Matching System.

We call it 5-Gen for short.

Our 5-Gen bitcoin matching system gives you the ability to tap into the earning power of a few, to a few hundred reward members infinity pay.

5-Gen is more powerful and different than what you may have seen before because of how you’re rewarded.

As qualified you get a 20% match on your personally referred, a 40% match on your 2nd gen, 10% on your 3rd gem, 15% on your 4th gen and 15% on your 5th gen.

Just like our infinite pay, there’s no cap on how much bitcoin you can get daily from matching 5 generations of people’s daily bitcoin earnings!

It looks like this...

1st gen 20%

2nd gen 40%

3rd gen 10%

4th & 5th gen 15%

Instead of putting the 40% on your 1st gen, we put it on your 2nd gen, so you can earn more bitcoin.

For example purposes say you refer 5 rewards members, and they each refer 5. You get a 20% match on 5, and a 40% match on 25.

What if you refer 10 rewards members, and they each refer 10. You get a 20% match on 10 and a 40% match on 100.

Plus the 10%, 15%, 15%, matches on your 3rd, 4th, and 5th gen.

Our 5-Gen Bitcoin Matches enables you to get matches from people all over the world.

Please read our Comp Plan PDF for the full details.

As you get Bitcoin you can hold it for anticipated appreciation, you can swap it for other coins, you can put it into trading programs, or you can convert bitcoin to cash money.

Hold, Swap, Trade, or convert to cash money.
It’s 100% up to you!


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