Who Else Wants to Get Unlimited Bitcoin Daily?

Prosper Hub has developed a powerful way for you to increase your financial well-being.

We developed a superior referral global comp plan that affords you the ability to earn unlimited amounts of Bitcoin daily.

Download the Comp Plan PDF Here

The Prosper Hub “Prosperity Plus” Compensation Plan 

Our Prosperity Plus compensation plan was designed by experts with decades of experience in the consulting and the writing of comp plans.   

It’s designed for the modern world, with new thinking that goes beyond group volume requirements, balancing legs, and pin rank restrictions on income.  

We never put a cap on how much Bitcoin you can earn daily.   

Other than the 35.00 yearly affiliate admin fee, there is no requirement to purchase products to earn commissions.  

Customers and affiliates may purchase products at their desire.

Because our Connection Credits and courses we offer can be used by people the world over, therefore we accept Bitcoin for purchases, and we pay out commissions in Bitcoin.  

Commissions are paid daily, only one day in the arrears.   

We pay commissions at 9 PM ET 7 days a week.  

There are 2 Components to our comp plan.

The Prosperity Team is structured as a 2x9 Matrix with 3 Generations of Match.  

The Prosperity Code is structured as a 1up infinity code with 3 Generations of Match

Prosperity Team Overview:

The Prosperity Team is our gateway plan, while the Prosperity Code is the main aspect of our plan.   

The Prosperity Team affords you a team building mechanism to begin earning Bitcoin.  In direct sales language we’d call it a Feeder plan.  

It pays commissions and matches on sales of our 55.00 product.  All higher priced product levels go into the Prosperity Code.  

Once qualified with 2 referrals you will earn down all 9 levels of the matrix.  

The matches are 50% on your first generation, AKA your personally referred.  25% on your 2nd gen and 25% on your 3rd gen.  

Once 2 of your personals have referred 2 each, that qualifies you for your 1st gen matches, 2 more refer 2 opens your 2nd gen matches, lastly 2 more refer 2 opens your 3rd gen matches.   It’s that simple.

Please read the comp plan PDF for full details.

Prosperity Code Overview:

For you that want to be getting life changing Bitcoin AKA money you can do that through our prosperity code with 3 generations of match.   

On your code legs you’re paid to infinite depth, with no cap on your daily earning power.  That means you can be paid down 10, 100, 1000 generations deep and more, per code leg.  

You can have as many code legs as you like.

We have codes of $50, $100, $150 & $200 paid in Bitcoin. 

That totals up to $500 you can be paid down infinite depth.   

But wait there’s more, much more.  With our 3-generation code matches of 50%, 25% & 25%, you can earn a crazy amount of Bitcoin daily.  

Once qualified (see comp plan PDF), you’ll earn a 50% on all of your personally referred affiliates, a 25% match on all of their personally referred affiliates and 25% match on their personally referred affiliates.   

For example purposes, say you referred 5, they referred 5, and they referred 5. That would be 5 affiliates you match 50%, 25 you’d match on your 2nd gen and 125 you’d match on your 3rd gen.   

You get to financially benefit from the earning power of 155 affiliates in this example, wow! Of course, you might match a lower number of affiliates, as the opposite is also possible, you might match more.

All product purchases are one-time as, we do not have a monthly subscription AKA autoship program.