Who Else Wants to Meet New People Every
Month That You Can Do Business With…?

Connection Currency

You and I both know how important it is for you to continually meet new people you can do business with.

But it takes time, money, and effort to build your personal network.

What our Connection Hub powered by our Connection Currency software provides you is a shortcut to building your personal network.

As an entrepreneurial minded person your high-level goal is to prosper.

FACT: The more people you know, the greater your ability is to do business.

Build Your Personal Network

Increase Your Income

Network Your Way to the Top

Have Multiple Streams of Income

Become an Influencer

Do More Business

Grow Your Net Worth

Stand Out & Succeed

Develop a Personal Brand

Be An Authority Figure

SaaS is Software as a Service

Our Connection Currency Software Is the First and Only SaaS Business Matchmaking Platform Currently in the World!

During the height of the pandemic, we realized that going to business functions, seminars, etc. to meet people to grow a personal network would not be a viable way to meet new people for some time to come.

We thought there must be an online way for entrepreneurial minded people to meet people for business purposes. After an extensive search the only site we found that could deliver to a degree was LinkedIn.

However, LinkedIn is a professional network, whose primary functions are helping professionals search for jobs, employers look for new hires, and for people to grow their professional network.

LinkedIn is a great company and great at being a professional network, however they are not geared towards entrepreneurs doing business and they do not offer a business matchmaking software like our Connection Currency software.

We realized building out a platform with only a manual search ability was fruitless. No one wants to spend hours reading countless profiles to decide who to try to connect with.

To be truly effective we would need to do what Amazon does with their software that makes product recommendations based on shoppers searches and on what they purchase.

We decided to develop our own SaaS software (Software as a Service), that matches people based upon key data-points in their profiles.

Then our software introduces people that are identified as a match.

When a profile is sent to you, you then decide to click on the connect button in their profile or not to.

We searched high and low and could not find one company in the world using software to introduce entrepreneurial people for business purposes!

But Wait, There’s More…

When you join any social network, you do so knowing why you’re joining.

You join Facebook knowing it’s a way to connect with friends, make new friends, and to share your thoughts on a variety of topics.

You join LinkedIn knowing it’s the premier professional network.

You join Twitter knowing it’s a communication network.

Here’s the point, people on various social networks join them for their primary function.

The primary function of Prosper Hub is different than others, as our focus is connecting entrepreneurial minded people for the purpose of each building their personal network of people they can do business with.

Therefore, every one that joins Prosper Hub has the intention of meeting people for the purpose of doing business with them now or in the future.

For people that want to connect with friends, find a job, communicate your thoughts on a variety of topics, share recipes, post pictures, discuss fashion, and on, there are other sites that do these things exceptionally well.

Here at Prosper Hub, we connect entrepreneurial minded people.