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Getting Bitcoin Daily...

...through the power of our crypto focused social network is the key to financial prosperity & it’s attainable only through being a member of Diggi Crypto...


With Diggi Crypto you can be getting Bitcoin daily to hold, swap, or cash out as you see fit.

With Bitzili

You get to be a member of our global crypto focused social network so you can tap into the energy of "Community Driven Wealth."

Diggi Crypto provides you the ability to earn Bitcoin daily by referring members that join Bitzili.

Diggi Crypto is the marketing arm for Bitzili.

Bitzili is our
"Community Driven Wealth"

Bitzili our crypto focused social network provides you with multiple ways to go further faster in your ability to profit from cryptocurrency.

Connect with Crypto Entrepreneurs

Get Shared Member Knowledge

Become a Crypto Influencer

Crypto News and Updates

Community Masterminds

Masterclass Zoom Events

Get Diggi Coins

Community Masterminds


Diggi Rewards is our global daily pay system that affords you the ability to get unlimited amounts of bitcoin sent to your wallet 7-days a week.

Earn Bitcoin Unlimited Levels Deep

5 Generations of Bitcoin Matches

No Cap on Your Daily Income

Unlimited Match Income Potential

Global Business Opportunity

Global Daily Pay in Bitcoin

Here at Diggi Crypto we believe in
Multiple Streams of Crypto.

Therefore along with promoting Bitzili we’ll offer you other ways to earn crypto to include passive ways to grow your crypto holdings.


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