Prosper Hub in conjunction with our U Prosper WhatsApp & Text marketing system is an opportunity like no other.

Wall Street is known as a financial hub, Hollywood is known as a celebrity hub, Silicon Valley is known as a Tech hub.

Prosper Hub will become known as a global hub to grow your business connections and network, learn to develop the skills and success habits of millionaires, all while being able to earn Bitcoin daily.

You have the ability to meet new people for business purposes and grow your business network through our Connection Hub.

You have the ability to earn unlimited amounts of Bitcoin daily by introducing people to our products and to our opportunity.

You have the ability to become a key person of influence and accelerate your path to being wealthy through our Millionaire Hub.

Prosper Hub is Now Open for
Pre-Launch and Paying Daily...

Here at Prosper Hub we combine Tech, Marketing and Opportunity, into one seamless global platform to empower you the entrepreneur.

Prosper Hub as spoken in the presentation video is in development of our proprietary connection currency software that introduces you to selected people for business purposes. By having more business connections you’ll be able to boost your business, grow your personal brand and accelerate your goals.



As mentioned in the presentation video our Connection Currency Software is in development.

In Pre-launch prior to the software going live later this summer and you having the ability to meet others by using our connection hub, we’re providing you with our Entrepreneur Mastery Coaching and our limited time Triple Connection Credit Bonus.

A connection credit is used every time a person accepts an invite from you to meet and connect with them. In our 5 product packages you get 10, 30, 50, 70 and up to 90 connection credits.

All 5 packages together total 250 connection credits. When you purchase our $55 package you get 10 connection credits. Plus, you get part 1 of our Entrepreneur Mastery program.

By buying the $55 package in pre-launch you’ll get 30 connection credits instead of 10 in your account. To be used when the software goes live.

Say you purchased all 5 product packages; you’d get 250 connection credits tripled to 750 as a bonus.

That means you can meet and connect with 750 people and have 750 people added to your personal network.

In addition to building your personal network and earning bitcoin daily you’ll have access to our breakthrough entrepreneur coaching program …


Master the Art & Science of Building Wealth

You’ll Learn How To…

Build Wealth

Speak with Influence & Persuasion

Network Like a Pro

Multiple Streams of Income Strategies

Shatter Limiting Beliefs

Become Supremely Confident in Yourself

Develop a Millionaire Mindset

Visit the Millionaire Hub page for more information.

Growing your business network the modern way is the key to financial success
& it’s attainable only through being a member of Prosper Hub…

Our connection currency software goes live later this summer.